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The dream is real.

And what are you saying about that other gay kid that you saved that night, he isn’t brave? He’s not as strong as you?


Jean Harlow, 1930s



Happy Birthday Elizabeth Montgomery!

(April 15, 1933 - May 18, 1995)

"She never thought she was funny, and everything came out of honesty."  Sandra Gould

Title: I Don't Care

Artist: Judy Garland

Played: 1017 times


prompt: reaction fic for 5x16 where kurt reassures blaine he has nothing at all to be insecure about.

warnings: touches on blaine’s body image insecurity, but is all fluff & understanding & smut. yay healing smut.

Kurt holds Blaine tight, rubbing over his back and waiting until Blaine’s ready to pull away with a sniffle, his eyes red, teeth digging into his lip nervously. It breaks Kurt’s heart to see him this way - sometimes he forgets that Blaine is younger, that he can be so heartbreakingly insecure because he hasn’t built himself a tough exterior to deal with the world in the same way Kurt has.

"Hey," Kurt says softly, sweetly, cupping Blaine’s face between his hands and watching Blaine’s mouth twitch with a smile when he rubs away the tears on Blaine’s cheeks with his thumbs. "Come to bed with me?"

Blaine heaves out a shaky sigh. “Kurt, I don’t know—”

"Trust me, sweetie," Kurt says, and then Blaine’s nodding, fingering squeezing gratefully at Kurt’s as Kurt leads them into the bedroom.

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